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Coaching and Mentoring

When it comes to coaching and mentoring programmes, the experience of Graham Darbyshire and Barbara Kemp enables them to play a key role in improving the effectiveness of Managing Directors, Directors, Senior and Middle Managers across a range of workplace roles.

In the past few years , over 20 people have been coached by Darbyshire Consulting. Over half of these 'coachees' subsequently went on to achieve, or consolidate, a significant promotion within their organisation.

They have come from various sectors - Manufacturing, Metals, Universities, Charities, Media, Information and others - and have included the full range of executives, from CEOs, MDs, Operations Directors, Finance Directors, Sales Directors, Technical and Quality Directors and HR specialists.

The aim of the coaching sessions is always to help an individual to address more effectively the challenges of their role. As an example, coaching may be needed to address weaknesses in a certain skill area or an aspect of their workplace performance that are holding them back. 

It can also be highly relevant when linked to a planned or recent promotion, where the individual needs to acquire new skill-sets or improve existing ones, to maximise their performance in the new role.

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The coaching process

This begins by agreeing on what represents 'success' in the eyes of the organisation and coachee. Graham will discuss how this can be achieved and then devise a programme that is tailored to an individual's needs.

In every case, our goal is to achieve specific, practical and measurable outcomes.  Examples could include:

·      helping an MD or Director to gain clarity and effectiveness in delivering their strategic plan

·      boosting someone's confidence and capabilities in public speaking

·      improving leadership skills

·      enhancing a manager's effectiveness in managing for performance

Although nothing is set in stone, coaching programmes typically run for between four and ten sessions, each lasting for between two and three hours each and usually held at monthly intervals.

As agreed with the client, the one-to-one coaching sessions can either be totally confidential or, more usually, discussion and feedback on progress, with all the parties, can take place at intervals to monitor the progress being made.

We use a wide range of tools, models and techniques and these can be explained once the coaching plan has been agreed - usually after the first meeting with the coachee. 

Where appropriate, psychometric tools can be used to gain further insight into preferences, behaviours and motivations.


Mentoring has been provided to a number of CEOs and MDs. It is always confidential. Sessions tend to be more informal and very much driven by the needs of the person being mentored. They are usually less frequent than coaching sessions. The sessions provide the person with the opportunity to look at ‘the bigger picture’ and to discuss their overall approach to success with a highly-experienced mentor who can bring independence and objectivity to their work situation.

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