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On Top of the Malverns

Participants were on top of the world - well, the Malvern HIlls - at a training session recently.

We have just undertaken our 4th two-day Personal Impact Programme in the last 18 months. These cover people at all levels of competence, from those who really 'don't like being on their hind legs' in front of an audience, to those who are perhaps good in parts - but perhaps don't know when to stop! - or those who do a decent job but want to be able to command an audience, not just talk to it.

The programme involves a day in the class-room and a day out in the Malvern Hills, with each person having done at least eight short presentations by the end of the two days. If they can do them in the rain, with people walking past and dogs sniffing at their ankles, the board-room at work will be a piece of cake in comparison!

The comment from one HR Manager was: "It's just amazing what they do in two days. Everyone comes back changed, but for some people it's been the event of a life-time. They have been utterly transformed! They're unrecognisable! It's amazing!"

One of the partipants said: "I have spent my life dreading any form of public speaking. I hated it - but not any more! I didn't realise that I could actually be quite good at it. It's all about knowing the basics and practising. And getting positive feeback from colleagues is brilliant."

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