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Vision and Values

A down-to-earth, open-minded and pragmatic approach to problem-solving permeates the mindset of the whole consultancy team. 

Established over 20 years ago by Graham Darbyshire, the Consultancy has flourished by consolidating the core values that he laid down at the outset.

In a business that is focused on Learning & Development, Coaching and HR, it was inevitable that Graham's experience as an HR Director would influence the Company's future direction.

However, Graham's wider future vision stems from the earliest days of his career, as he recalled recently:

"Years ago when I left university, my ambition was to be an HR Director and it seemed that, if I was to do this, it would be important to develop expertise in the full range of work in the HR function.  In practice, as I came to realise, not many HR Directors appear to have adopted this approach, but it can be done – as I have since demonstrated with the Darbyshire Consulting business model."

This breadth of HR services provided by the Consultancy, and the business acumen which underpins it, has been seen by clients as a major asset.  Darbyshire Consulting is able to undertake not only Development and Coaching work - for organisations of all sizes - but a broad range of HR work.

It is this very flexibility of approach and breadth of expertise that has paved the way for organic growth through client retention, built on the values of trust, loyalty and respect.

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