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These have been a rapidly-growing aspect of our work over the past four years, during which time we have conducted over 20 separate investigations.  They have generally been driven by grievance or disciplinary situations or, on two occasions, by whistle-blowing allegations.  

Clients have included a major national charity, a large University, a number of SMEs and four other organisations of varying sizes, including an international IT company.

Larger clients will tend to have internal HR professionals who sometimes undertake the investigations. However, not infrequently they have already had some involvement in the case or, quite simply, cannot spare the time to undertake a complex investigation in a short timescale.

The duration of an investigation will vary, depending on the number of people who need to be interviewed - typically, between five and 10 - and the complexity of the case.  

The output will be a detailed report with findings and, if appropriate, recommendations.  Sometimes the reports will be used as evidence in internal disciplinary cases or appeals, or in Employment Tribunals.

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The reports have invariably been well-received and comments have included:

* A Director who had commissioned the investigation: “Many thanks for sending the report through to me. I think it reads very well indeed, is balanced and reaches conclusions which are difficult to argue against.”

* An employee who raised a 20-page grievance: “I have just spent 4 hours reading your investigation report.  I would like to thank you for all your hard work and very lengthy report. It has proved most interesting and useful.”

* A Director who was due to chair the grievance hearing, following submission of the report: “Very nice to meet you yesterday – thank you for the excellent investigative report which makes our job much easier.”

* An HR Manager who was responsible for co-ordinating the process: “I have finished reading the report and I really like it.  It deals with everything that is necessary and tackles all relevant aspects of the grievance.”

* A Senior Manager, one of whose team members had allegedly not followed appropriate financial procedures: “Thank you for giving me plenty of opportunity to explain and clarify.  I know it is your job – but the fairness and care is appreciated nonetheless.  I am very grateful to you for all your thorough and even-handed efforts to understand this issue.  It really is appreciated.”

* A Vice-Chancellor:  "It's an excellent report.  Thank you very much."

* A Senior Manager from a large national charity: "Brilliant!  It's just what we needed."

* A College Dean:  "It's a very good report; clear and easy to follow.  I wish I could write English like this!"

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