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Learning & Development Solutions

Learning and Development Solutions

Enhancing the business performance of Directors, senior management and mid-level employees through tailored development solutions.

The aim of the challenging Learning & Development programmes devised and run by Darbyshire Consulting is to make Directors and Managers better at their jobs.  This means that they will be better equipped to guide, motivate and lead the teams whose performance is key to their organisations' ultimate success.

Our clients can relax in the knowledge that the Learning & Development solutions will be tailored to the specific needs of their organisation.

To help clients achieve these goals, we offer two powerful and highly effective options: 

  * Residential Programmes

  * Non-residential Workshops

Each of these can be carefully tailored to meet agreed strategic aims and both involve careful forward planning, participant preparation before the event and detailed post-event review.

Our Residential Programmes and Workshops are focused and challenging, as the 500-plus people who have benefited from the Consultancy's training programmes in the last 15 years would testify.  And what they would also say is that they have benefited enormously in their everyday working lives. 

Although the uptake of our Residential Programmes has a bias towards large and medium-sized organisations, there is no reason why smaller companies shouldn't embrace these training process with equal success.

Likewise, our Worshops can be of great value to all levels, including recently-appointed managers, team-leaders and supervisor.

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Residential Programmes

Run primarily for Directors and Managers, these bespoke programmes focus on changing behaviour and attitudes, and on directlyand visibly improving individual and team performance.

Subjects covered are wide-reaching and range from Team-building, Motivation, Talent Development and Coaching, Enhancing Personal Impact and Influencing Skills, to Performance management and the Consultancy's flagship Leadership Programme. 

Widely-recognised as having an immediate and enduring effect on business performance, the 200-plus senior people who have already participated in these highly-experiential programmes describe them variously as 'exceptional', 'life-changing' and 'transformational'.

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These tend to address specific workplace issues and can range from half a day to two days depending on how much detail is involved and the complexity of the subject matter.  Examples include: employment law; recruitment processes and selection interviewing; managing change; running effective meetings; time management and many others.

Structured ongoing development

What all our programmes have in common is a strategic framework.  This provides for a planned structure, complete with targeted objectives within workable time-frames.

In all cases, as well as creating bespoke course content, we always ensure that a powerful follow-up process is in place. To this end, all attendees leave their Residential Programme or Workshop with a Personal Development Plan.  This can be assessed with colleagues or reviewed by line managers at regular intervals over subsequent weeks and months.

Competency Templates

As part of our work in the Learning & Development field, clients often ask Darbyshire Consulting to provide Competency Templates for use in:

  • Recruitment
  • Training-needs analysis
  • Coaching
  • Career and succession planning
  • Performance management

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