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Residential programmes for senior management

Our life-changing training modules for small groups have a dramatic effect on workplace performance.

The residential programmes devised and run by Darbyshire Consulting have one over-riding aim: to change the behaviour and skills of Directors, Senior Managers and Managers, so they can significantly improve their workplace performance at both the individual and team levels.

These bespoke programmes are run either as a single module of two or more days or as a series of modules that are part of an integrated development plan, running over one to two years.  In all cases, we work closely with the client, liaising on all aspects and reviewing outcomes closely as we go.

Although the financial crisis inevitably meant that the demand for residential programmes reduced in the years immediately after 2009, many organisations now have the confidence and ambition to re-invest in their management-development activities and demand is now approaching pre-crisis levels.

Training themes and objectives

The content and objectives of our modules are agreed at the outset, typically with the organisation's CEO, MD or Head of HR.  Programmes are intensive and run for small groups of between five to twelve people.  We use a range of off-site venues where the environment lends itself well to this kind of group activity.

All modules are experiential and include lots of practical activity, with many opportunities to re-create real-life scenarios and consider optimal responses to everyday challenges.

Examples of the themes we focus on include:

  • Team-working and team-building
  • Influencing skills and personal impact
  • Performance management
  • Leadership development

The main objectives we have in mind are:

  • To enhance self-awareness & inter-personal effectiveness
  • To increase individual productivity, impact and effectiveness in management and leadership roles

Essential follow-up

Crucial to the success of all our training modules is the meticulous planning that goes into every stage of the process.  Yes, the planning and training implementation must align totally with your management objectives. Equally important, however, are the follow-up procedures that monitor and guide the continued progress of every course participant.  This includes a Personal Development Plan that is under continual review after the training ends.

Over 200 senior executives have already participated in these challenging programmes, all of whom would testify to the enduring and positive impact the programmes have had on their careers.  For many, it has been career-changing.  

It is difficult to exaggerate the impact the programmes have!

To find out more about our residential programmes, please contact us today.